About us

ByRaki flavor was created in Greece since March 2015 with all the legitimate procedures from the competent State Services. Since 2008 with research and study in the Cretan Spirit, we have created recipes for both Cretan Raki – Tsikoudia and liqueurs. In March 2015, Cretan Raki – Tsikoudia products (38% vol alc), Rakomelo (20% vol alc) and other 12 liqueur flavors (17% & 16% vol. alc.) were ready for every consumer to taste. All these products have flavors of raw materials from the Greek countryside, such as orange, mastic, pomegranate and others.

ByRaki flavor, having recognized that businesses have responsibilities for the society, has voluntarily committed, from its first steps, to incorporating responsible entrepreneurship into its practices. The issue was and is moral to the society that is active. ByRaki flavor strives in the midst of a crisis to stand up worthy of this definition, in any way, and seeks to cover all its responsibilities.

The barcode, from the GS1 barcode company, began to appear on the product labels, with the top 3 521 numbers corresponding to Greek alcoholic products. The aim was that the barcode systems were needed to improve the logistics of the business and its partners.

In 2015, the products were registered with the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection for the Trade Name, “ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ ByRaki flavor”, with deposit number N234060. The name of the business and the products was already known from the first steps. The name “BYRAKI” was created by the producer and founder of ByRaki flavor in 2008, when the product was still in an experimental stage. Seeking to raise “ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ” (flag) in the field of tsikoudia, combined with flavors, it has affirmed the name “ByRaki flavor” for the business and “ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ ByRaki flavor” for the products.

A few months later, 9 different flavors were made with 25% vol alc. Having as a vision the upgrading of tsikoudia and liqueurs, as products, proposes to the Greek market different ways of serving and Cocktails.

By the end of 2016, the Industrial Property Organization certified ByRaki flavor, for its uniqueness and innovation in the Greek market, with a Utility Model Certificate under PIH number: 20160200019. The PIC provides the owner with the exclusive right to exploit the protected
invention in Greece for as long as it is in force. This is a monopoly right to exploit the invention. Its authenticity as a Greek product is officially
certified under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Independent Public Revenue Authority, the General State Laboratory and ELGO – DIMITRA. The Greek Mark or Greek Mark was awarded on 5/7/2017 by the General Laboratory of the State of Heraklion under the code EL-GCSL.17.541.

In 2017, with 23 different product codes, available to the consumer, ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ ByRaki flavor, co-works with local businesses to present something original and different. The first result of this effort is ByRaki flavor limited edition, which has been certified by his partner as a Cretan Hands product.

The ByRaki flavor team evolves, creates, without copying, has an innovative character and continues to hold its own ΜΠΑΪΡΑΚΙ (flag) with its unique products!